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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a foreground where young children can create the essential foundation of achieving their developmental milestones while building values of trust, independence, and a lifelong love for learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a comfortable, home-like quality atmosphere that is safe and conducive for children. Our preschool, led by nurturing care professionals, provides above and beyond quality education and care to the children of families in Northwest Arkansas.

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Our Story

As a provider established by early childhood education professionals, WILD About Learning Academy aims to give the highest level of services for each child, using our combined knowledge and expertise to help parents maintain peace of mind while their children are attended by trustworthy and dependable child care specialists during the day.

Each day is a unique day to look forward to as we employ various techniques, methods, and strategies to hook up the children’s interests and turn them into something they can be proud of. We mold talents as we mold good values. Respect, courtesy, and humility are being integrated as part of each simple activity.

Parents are actively involved and are, in fact, encouraged to contribute to making important decisions in the center. We always solicit your opinions about matters that directly affect your child or your relationship with the center.

At WILD About Learning Academy, your child is in a safety zone. We put prime consideration to children’s safety, that is why visitors are mediated using our login system and only those authorized guardians and parents are allowed access to the children especially during special emergencies and during picking up after school hours.

Our teachers make it possible to sustain the children’s enthusiasm during each class using collaborative play, individual play, arts, and more! Carefully-selected instructional materials such as toys and storybooks are used to add more color to the sessions.

Our location will fit the need of many. We are centrally located in the middle of Bentonville, one block south of our town’s major High School. Our location will easily accommodate any family from the eight surrounding cities: Bentonville, Bella Vista, Centerton, Gravette, Rogers, Lowell, Springdale, and Fayetteville. You can locate us right next to I-540, making the commute to the center very simple.

Visit us some time to take a tour of the campus. You may also schedule an appointment now to arrange an exclusive meeting with us. Check out the most appropriate programs that fit you and your child’s needs today. To register him/her online, use our quick registration form.

To refer a parent, please complete the form here.

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